Solar Energy Web Mapping Portal Launched

San Francisco, California [] CH2M HILL Enterprise Management Solutions (EMS) and the City and County of San Francisco’s (CCSF) Department of the Environment launched a solar mapping Web portal that estimates the solar energy potential for commercial and residential structures in San Francisco. Leveraging Google Maps as a visualization platform, users enter an address to see a map view of that location. With a simple click, users are then provided with the estimated amount of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy that could be installed on the roof; the estimated amount of solar PV energy that could be generated at that site; potential electricity cost reduction resulting from the solar PV installation; potential carbon dioxide/greenhouse gas reduction as a result of installing a solar PV system; case studies of other San Francisco businesses and homeowners who have already installed solar PV systems and their stories; and information on installing a solar PV system, including contact information for local solar installers. The portal is publicly accessible, and is replicable for use in other cities and counties throughout the world.

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