Solar Energy Powers Equestrian Trials

Solar Integrated Technologies completed the installation of a 200 kW SR2001 solar electric roof system at Oaks Blenheim, that went live in time to power the 4th Annual Oaks Blenheim International CSI, in San Juan Capistrano, California.

San Juan Capistrano, California – June 11, 2004 [] This event featured the 2004 Final Olympic Selection Trials as aired on HBO and NBC. Event sponsors included among others, Cargill, Budweiser, HBO, Ford, Hermes-Paris and The Orange County Register. “The Oaks Blenheim event provided SIT a great opportunity to showcase the commercial viability of our unique technology,” Edward Stevenson, CEO of Solar Integrated Technologies said. The renewable energy project included more than just a solar array. In addition to the newly installed photovoltaic (PV) roof top, SIT and Stuart Energy had a hospitality tent ring side with the 6 kW PV system powering a Stuart Energy Station (SES) that demonstrated the capability of the system to fuel hydrogen powered vehicles. California Governor Schwarzenegger’s preoccupation with hydrogen, and his “hydrogen highways” initiative has sparked considerable business interest. “Governor Schwarzenegger has proclaimed that we must build the Hydrogen Highway to end our dependency on foreign, fossil fuel for national economic security and to save our environment,” R.J. Brandes, CEO of Blenheim EquiSports. “This facility could be the first stop on the Hydrogen Highway.” Similar vehicle fueling systems have been installed throughout California. The SES system was displayed with a hydrogen powered Shelby Cobra, manufactured by the Hydrogen Car Company, as well as a hydrogen-powered tractor, manufactured by John Deere. While not necessarily the most energy-efficient process, the use of solar energy for hydrogen production is one way to ensure the entire hydrogen cycle of energy is a truly clean, renewable one as opposed to using fossil fuels like natural gas or coal. “Forging effective relationships is the foundation of our business,” Jon Slangerup, CEO of Stuart Energy. “The partnership between Stuart Energy and Solar Integrated Technologies is focused on combining our technologies to offer the next generation of renewable hydrogen infrastructure solutions.”
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