Solar Dynamics Unveils Portable Solar Generator

Solar Dynamics, Inc. has announced the availability of the Harvester, a 12-volt DC, 750 watt AC portable power source that collects energy from the sun, providing users with power even miles from the nearest electrical outlet.

SIMSBURY, Connecticut – May 21, 2002 [] “The Harvester is the ideal solution for people who want portable, renewable power, but don’t want the noise and emissions that come with a traditional generator,” said Andrew Marsh, President of Solar Dynamics. The Harvester is a complete system bundled together for easy transport and use. The system provides a range of power outputs, including 12 volt DC cigarette lighter, RV-type and standard AC outputs. Rugged and weather resistant, the Harvester assembles and disassembles in minutes and can fit into the trunk of a car. The Harvester recharges itself through a 50 watt solar panel, which requires no maintenance and has a 10 year guarantee. In addition to solar recharging, the Harvester can also be recharged through traditional outlets using an optional wall charger. The unit is equipped with a charge controller to protect and prolong the life of the 104 amp-hour battery. “At Solar Dynamics, our mission is to make solar power accessible, easy to use and tailored to the user’s needs,” said Marsh. “The Harvester makes that possible with a platform that enables us to customize each system to address a range of applications such as lighting, remote field office, electronic signage and portable security systems, to name a few.” The Harvester can be outfitted with a number of accessories for various applications, including a light stand, podium, desktop and trailer hitch. Charging power can be doubled or tripled with the addition of one or two solar panels.
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