Solar Dynamics Announces Solar Trickle Chargers

Solar Dynamics, Inc., a manufacturer of portable solar power systems for remote, off-grid applications, has introduced the SDI-TC line of thin-film solar modules for trickle charging batteries and powering hand held electronic devices.

SIMSBURY, Connecticut – June 19, 2002 [] “The SDI line of compact solar modules provides safe, reliable battery charging and powering using power from the sun,” said Andrew Marsh, President of Solar Dynamics. SDI solar modules can be used to maintain or “trickle charge” larger batteries, such as those found in boats, cars, airplanes, snowmobiles and farm equipment, by providing a small charge over a long period of time. SDI solar modules can also be used to charge small rechargeable batteries, as well as to directly power small hand held electronic devices. SDI solar modules are certified hail resistant and are protected by an aluminum frame. The modules are protected by a 10-year power warranty. “The SDI modules have exceptional low light level performance and have one of the highest actual energy to rated power ratios in the industry,” added Marsh. The SDI solar modules range in power (under full sun) from 2.1 watts to 10.3 watts. Wiring options include battery cable clips for direct connection to the battery, 12 volt automotive-type plugs to recharge through the cigarette lighter or RV trailer hitch plugs.
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