Solar Companies Prep for Intersolar 2018

For many companies in the solar industry, June and July in Europe and North America represent some of the most important months of the year – and that’s not just because the sun is shining so brightly and for so long during these summer months, it’s also because Solar Promotion International’s Intersolar Europe and North America take place in June and July, respectively.

Intersolar (Munich)

Fronius Engineering said it is showcasing synergies between solar energy, heat and mobility at Intersolar.

“Energy sector integration is no longer a dream of the future. At Intersolar, we will be exhibiting various application examples for both the home and the commercial sector. For example, the Fronius Ohmpilot not only maximizes your rate of self-consumption by heating water, it is also a simple energy storage solution,” said Martin Hackl, Head of Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH.

Fronius will also be providing detailed information about the integration of third-party components such as heating elements or heat pumps.

In addition, the company said that its Fronius Solar.web online portal allows users to monitor their PV system, analyze data and thus optimize their energy usage. The benefits for installers include a clear overview, automatic yield comparisons of multiple inverters and the ability to manage several systems.

ABB said that it will be showing a comprehensive solar portfolio with a complete “sun-to-socket” solution at Intersolar.

“At Intersolar 2018, we are proud to be showcasing innovative solutions to the market, across all power ranges for grid-connected and microgrid applications. Additions such as the revolutionary PVS-175 high-power string inverter, along with the new REACT 2 storage solution which can be integrated with ABB-free@home and AC Wallbox EVLunic for car charging, demonstrate how solar power can be utilized today and for future needs,” said Giovanni Frassineti, head of ABB’s Business Unit Solar.

ABB will have its new PVS 1500 Vdc inverter (left) at the show and its new REACT 2 energy storage solution for residential applications.

Trina Solar said it will present new solutions such as TrinaPro, the company’s current portfolio of high performance PV modules and energy storage solutions.

TrinaPro is a smart utility-scale PV solution that combines premium components, optimized system integration and smart O&M interconnection. Trina Solar has recently acquired Nclave Renewable, a Spanish tracker manufacturer, whose products are now an integral part of the TrinaPro solution for ground-mounted PV power plants.

Trinahome, the corresponding integrated solution for residential applications, including high performance PV modules, inverters and storage, will also be on display.

Solar Data Systems is planning to present Solar-Log’s biggest headliners of 2018 at Intersolar and Intersolar North America. The company’s Solar-Log WEB Enerest’s compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa allows solar PV plant owners to ask Alexa about their plant status.

Plant owners can ask questions like, ‘Alexa, how is my plant?’ or ‘Alexa, how much money have I earned with my plant?’  

In addition, Solar Data Systems said Alexa will know the answer to questions like, ‘when is the best time to vacuum?’

The answer will not be based on how dirty the floor is, but rather on the current amount of available solar power and the expected energy production surplus over the next two days.  Solar-Log Skill will be available in Amazon’s Skills store June 2018 in English and German. Demonstrations will be given at Intersolar.

Intersolar North America (San Francisco)

The Copper Development Association’s Director of Sustainable Energy, Zolaikha Strong, will discuss copper’s impact in the operation of and electrical infrastructure required for renewable energy the show during one of the conference sessions at Intersolar in San Francisco.

The panel presentation, titled “Regional and Local Initiatives Towards 100% Renewables,” will feature Strong, alongside energy industry experts Renee Sharp, Bay Area regional director at Grid Alternatives, and Nate Owen, chief executive officer of Ampion, who will each discuss the challenges and opportunities for companies, cities and regions to adopt a 100 percent renewable energy target. The session is scheduled for 12:45 p.m. on July 10.

SunSpec is offering education programs for both industry participants and job seekers who require in depth expertise on California Rule 21, one of which will be offered on July 11 at Intersolar North America.

These all day in-person workshops provide distributed energy business executives, entrepreneurs, and others looking to enter the industry with the foundational understanding of the California Rule 21 opportunity. Topics will include distributed energy market dynamics; market sizing, business models, and competitive barriers; technical details regarding Distributed Energy Resource (DER) data communication and functional requirements; and considerations about how to deploy DER networks in California and across the U.S.

Distributed energy companies can be confident that those holding this certificate of completion possess this highly sought after expertise, said SunSpec.

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