Solar and Wind Power Generation Made Easy

The largest blackout in history left millions of Americans and Canadians in the dark, powerless to do anything except wait for the lights to come back on. For homeowners who are motivated to take responsibility for their power generation there is a new book, Rex Ewing’s, “Power With Nature: Solar and Wind Energy Demystified,” that explains how easy it has become to generate your own reliable electricity.

Loveland, Colorado – August 22, 2003 [] “Whether you’re ready to kiss the utility company goodbye, or just want a good back-up system the next time the lights go out, this easy to understand handbook is filled with usable information about renewable energy,” said the publisher. Ewing’s book offers hands-on information for grid inter-tie and off-grid systems, including photovoltaic (PV) modules, wind turbines, batteries and inverters while also covering passive solar techniques and solar hot water heating. Ewing and his wife, LaVonne, live and work from their solar and wind-powered log home in the Colorado Rockies. A writer by trade, Ewing designed and installed his own 1,140-watt solar array and 1,000-watt wind turbine that provides more than enough electricity to power everything from the microwave and dishwasher to computers and power tools. “Everyone knows sunlight and wind can be harnessed to create electricity; but few people understand the practical applications of using these free, natural and clean sources of energy to power a home,” said author Rex A. Ewing. Ewing maintains that at a cost of less than US$15,000, his system is powerful enough that if it was hooked into the grid, he could sell electricity back to the utility company several days a week. The author said that he gathered all his hard to come by information and firsthand experience and put it on paper at the urging of several players in the renewable energy industry who lamented the lack of an up-to-date guidebook for the average homeowner. Larry Cooper of Kyocera Solar, Inc. said, “I have read virtually every book that has been written about using solar and wind to power your home and this book is one of the best.” “Power With Nature: Solar and Wind Energy Demystified,” is available at bookstores, renewable energy suppliers, and through Pixy Jack Press, a company that has a stated mission to publish “books to inspire and inform.” The appendix includes worksheets, tables and maps, plus numerous sources for further research. Pixy Jack Press calls Ewing’s book “a must-read for anyone wondering when the power is going out again.”
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