Software for Finding the Right Distributed Generation

Distributed Power Solutions, developers of Web-based software solutions for distributed energy, introduced the beginning of a suite of Web-based Site Analysis Software calculators that will help businesses determine their best options for on-site power generation.

Minneapolis, Minnesota – February 18, 2002 [] Installers, distributors and consultants can use the calculators combined with the Lead Management Tool to efficiently manage the increasing demand for distributed energy. The initial calculators available are Hybrids, Consumption and Batteries. Distributed energy is produced at the same place it is consumed. Distributed energy is rapidly growing around the world from increasing economical advantages, reliability needs and a growing awareness and concern for the environment. The suite of calculators solve the first step in distributed energy which is choosing a system. Hybrids includes solar photovoltaics (PV) on roof, PV on tracker, small wind turbine and hybrids. It asks basic questions about the location and power needs. It outputs seven potential systems including the power output, components and costs, finance and environmental impacts. Consumption calculates the expected power per month and summarizes the results in lighting, appliances, climate, communications, machinery and other. All of this information can be automatically e-mailed to both the prospect and subscriber. The Lead Management Tool compliments the Site Analysis Software by allowing the subscriber to make modifications as well as review prospects. “The Site Analysis Software can take any number of prospects, provide the information needed to make a decision, and pass through only the ones that are qualified and ready to move forward,” said Matt Kavan, CEO. “Subscribers can use this value added communications tool to efficiently grow their business.” The suite of system calculators are free to users and available to industry through a Subscriber Program. Subscribers include installers, distributors and consultants. Subscribers simply place a link on their Web site that has an embedded ID for their users and prospects. They can review their users and prospects and modify the specifications used within the Lead Management Tool. The Site Analysis Software can be accessed at the company’s Web site below. Subscribers can sign up for a free two week trial and pricing is US$50 per month or US$500 per year.
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