Smart Fuel Cell to Develop Airmen Power Supply for the USAF

A recent U.S. Air Force order calls for SFC Smart Fuel Cell to develop a fuel cell based Lightweight Portable Power System for Battlefield Airmen within the next ten months. The value of the development order amounts to US$ 500,000. This is not the first time SFC Smart Fuel Cell has been selected to provide a fuel cell based power solution to a military program.

SFC will create an advanced power supply system for airmen that will consist of three components: an advanced version of SFC’s successful lightweight FCPS soldier portable fuel cell, custom engineered to US Air Force specifications; SFC’s high efficiency Power Manager; and an innovative Harris PRC 117 interface. About SFC, Lt. Josh Johnson, USAF, Contract Manager said, “Their products have demonstrated the high energy densities and technical maturity that is necessary to meet the increasing energy demands by our airmen on the ground.” The U.S. Air Force development order for SFC is the latest in a row of development projects with important military organizations in Germany, the U.S., and several NATO countries. Based on their proven high Technical Readiness Level (TRL), SFC fuel cells are becoming the gold standard for soldier portable fuel cell power systems. “The US Air Force is a great partner to work with and we appreciate the fast speed with which they consistently integrate innovative technologies like our fuel cells into their programs and actually field them,” said Christian Boehm, SFC Program Manager. SFC won this tender based on successful completion of the U.S. Air Force Spiral I task to develop a lightweight high-efficiency power manager in DT/OT analysis. A further reason for adoption of SFC technology in the U.S. Air Force project is the AFRL proven excellent energy efficiency of the system, based on the use of inexpensive but high-energy density methanol.


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