Small Hydro Power Report Showcases Huge SHP Potential; Seeks Case Studies

As countries increasingly turn to renewable energies to meet electricity needs and address climate change concerns, small hydro power (SHP) plays a growing and important role.

A report by the World Small Hydropower Development (WSHPDR) claims that there are up to 173 GW of SHP potential worldwide that remain untapped. This renewable energy source is recognized for its minimal environmental impact, ease of dispatch to remote, off-grid communities, and relatively low investment costs. These criteria make SHP a suitable candidate for countries as they carve out their sustainable development paths.

The WSHDR is a joint publication between the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP). It aims to facilitate small hydropower development worldwide through the provision of actionable, up-to-date information on its global status and potential.

Building on this knowledge base, the updated 2016 edition will feature a supplementary SHP case study report. The case study report is to serve as a reference guide of innovative SHP projects implemented across various regions and in different socio-economic contexts. The goal is to share successful models of SHP best practices worldwide.

The WSHPDR Secretariat seeks submissions for projects that feature innovative technologies, are part of a hybrid energy system, or produce local environmental benefits. This is an opportunity for companies to showcase a project or technology in this international publication.

 To contribute a case study please send inquiries to Ms. Cecilia Ledesma or

Image: Running Water. Credit: Shutterstock.

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Cecilia Ledesma is Programme Officer for Latin America at the International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP). ICSHP, under auspices of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and China's Ministry of Water Resources, is tasked with the promotion of small hydro power development worldwide.

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