SMA Introduces New Residential Inverter

The Sunny Boy 2100 solar-powered inverter — which changes direct current (DC) output of photovoltaic (PV) modules to alternating current (AC) for power grid compatibility — is a residential unit built to handle 2100 watts of solar-generated power. Its release is timed to take advantage of U.S. federal tax credits and state rebates, according to the manufacturer, SMA America. The inverter offers redundant grid monitoring, ground fault detection and interruption protection. Its power stage meets FCC EMC standards, and the unit is UL and CEC listed. The Sunny Boy 2100 is compatible with the SMA Sunny Beam wireless monitor and the Sunny WebBox, which let owners view their solar system’s energy savings over the Internet.

SMA Sunny Boy 2100 Inverter Grass Valley, CA (Grass Valley, California) SMA America now offers an inverter designed for small solar energy systems that are attractive to new Federal tax credit and State rebate programs. “This system is great for people starting small, but who anticipate expanding in the future,” says Sam Vanderhoof, Director of Marketing for SMA America. “In fact, a system with two of these can handle 4,200 Watts easily and inexpensively.” The Sunny Boy 2100 is a new, sleek white inverter with state-of-the- art technology behind it. The inverter handles a significant amount of energy at a very affordable price. The inverter’s entry-level price and clean design make it a strong choice for new home construction projects. The Sunny Boy 2100 is also attractive to Federally funded tax credit programs. It is UL listed, and is now CEC (California Energy Commission) listed as well. “The government provides modest rebates for small systems,” says Vanderhoof. “So installing a 2100-based system makes sound economic sense for homeowners and small businesses wanting to produce their own green energy.” This newest addition to the Sunny Boy & Sunny Portal line is compatible with the SMA Sunny Beam wireless monitor and the Sunny WebBox, which allows owners to view their solar system’s energy savings from as close as their kitchen – or as far away as an internet cafe on the other side of the world. SMA America designed the Sunny Boy 2100 in response to its customers’ desire for economical, high-efficiency solar energy systems. “We took it on as a challenge,” says Vanderhoof, “and I think the Sunny Boy 2100 is a great solution.” SMA America is the North American division of SMA Technologie AG, Germany, located in Grass Valley, California. It is a supplier of Sunny Boy solar-powered inverters and balance of system components. SMA was founded in Germany in 1981and is the world leader in inverters for electricity conversion of photovoltaic power plants. SMA also works in the fields of microprocessor components, energy supply systems for railway coaches and wind-energy conversion, PV technology, and hybrid systems. SMA is the leading supplier of grid-tied PV inverters in Europe. Over one million electronic components from SMA are used worldwide. In 2000, SMA opened in the United States to offer its industry- leading Sunny Boy PV String Inverters to the American market.
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