SMA 1100-Watt Inverter Gains UL Approval

With the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) approval of its Sunny Boy 1100-Watt grid-tie Inverter, SMA, one of the world’s largest solar power inverter manufacturers, can now offer the U.S. market a complete line of inverters. The 1100’s UL approval comes on the heels of UL’s recent approval of SMA’s Sunny Boy 700.

Grass Valley, California – September 17 , 2003 [] According to SMA-America’s President, John Berdner, these latest two UL approvals signal that the Sunny Boy product line is now broad enough to offer solutions for all system sizes. “Hatching each one of these products certainly has its labor pains, but the rewards are fantastic,” said Berdner. “With the 1100 approval, we have a comprehensive line that matches up with any offering in the industry.” SMA now offers the Sunny Boy in 700W, 1100W, 1800W and 2500W inverters for solar electric photovoltaic (PV) installations. All units offer system modularity, and are grid-tie designed inverters ideal for residential or commercial PV applications. “Completion of the Sunny Boy product line allows us to fulfill virtually any Inverter need of our distributors, dealers, and their customers,” said Sam Vanderhoof, Director of Marketing. “It is now up to us to go beyond the standard product line.” Vanderhoof indicated that, in addition to filling the gap in the 1000-watt range, SMA would continue to expand the Sunny Boy technology outside of the traditional industry boundaries. SMA-America, located in Grass Valley, California since 2001, is the US division of SMA, originator of the popular Sunny Boy inverter product line, founded in Germany in 1981, now with over 600 employees, and Europe’s leading supplier of grid-tied PV inverters.
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