Six Ways to Support Sustainable Living for the Holidays

At Renewable Energy World, we know our readers are always looking for ways to support a sustainable way of living, and we like to help with that goal. That’s why we’ve compiled our top six sustainably focused ideas for the holidays.

Living in a Tiny World

More and more, we’re seeing a generation of homeowners go for smaller and more efficient living spaces. The tiny home revolution is growing in tandem with clean energy sources that keep these little spaces comfortable in off-grid situations. This collapsible solar light is the perfect companion for the tiny home owner.

MPOWERD, the creators of Luci Lux, say that Luci merges the utility of a portable light with the aesthetic of modern home decor. It has a soft frosted finish and provides a candlelight-like ambiance. The Luci Lux is fully charged from the sun in seven hours.

Design Chic

For some sustainably minded people, form can be as important as function, and this solar tree fits the bill.

The Solar Sun Tree from XDDesign has nine solar “leaves” that can charge a mobile device. Designed with a rechargeable lithium battery inside, the solar tree has a USB output and mini-USB input.

Outdoor Options

Grill masters with an eye for sustainability now can bringing their interests together with the solar kitchen. No need to make sure the tank for the gas grill is filled. The SolSource solar cooker uses the sun for grilling power. Put it together with the companion solar oven to complete this sustainable outdoor kitchen.

One Earth Designs, the creators of the solar kitchen say that the SolSource solar cooker grills with the same power as a traditional gas stove – 550 degrees Fahrenheit. And, the solar oven has a max temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking on the Go

Do you know someone who is ready to take on sustainable grilling, but may be looking for something a little more “on the go?” Solar cookers also are available in portable versions from GoSun.

According to GoSun, its sport edition solar cooker even cooks in shadow because the technology so effectively captures ultraviolet light. The cooker sets up in seconds and “clamshells” into a slim package to go.

From Energy Guzzler to Energy Sipper

Do you live with an energy waster? Do you want to track your electricity usage outlet by outlet? CURB lets you see exactly how much energy is being consumed in your home, exactly when and exactly how much it costs.

Now when your teenager leave his lights on all day, you’ll know exactly how much he owes you.  You can pair it with your solar array if you have one and see exactly how much you’re generating, too.

An Alternative Way to Support Sustainability

Want to show support for a sustainable gadget that needs a little help getting to the market? Check out this Kickstarter campaign for a new generation of solar backpacks that ends on Dec. 5.

Voltaic Systems, the company behind this campaign, says that its two new solar backpack designs — Array and OffGrid — are meant to keep devices charged in even the most remote locations. The Array, the company says, even charges power-heavy systems, such as for laptops and drones.

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