Silver Lining to Global Warming Legislative Failure

October 31, 2003 [] The Business Council for Sustainable Energy expressed optimism regarding the US Senate’s vote on the Climate Stewardship Act, sponsored by Senators John McCain (R-Arizona) and Joseph Lieberman (D-Connecticut). This measure, developed to curb industrial greenhouse gas emissions through market-based trading programs, was defeated with a vote of 55 to 43. Though this legislation did not pass, the close vote is a major step in moving forward in reducing the threat of global warming, said Michael Marvin, BCSE President. The last major vote on climate change policy was more than six years, the Byrd-Hagel resolution, which was passed 95 to 0. The Byrd-Hagel resolution rejected many of the core principles behind the Kyoto Protocol and passed in 1997. “The time for US involvement in Kyoto may have passed but that does not give us a free ride to do nothing,” Marvin said. “Today’s vote should be a wake-up call to those looking to delay real action. Hopefully, it will not take Congress another six years to take another major step.”
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