Sierra Club Pressures Automakers to Build Cleaner Cars

Wednesday at noon the Sierra Club will kick off a three-year campaign urging the “Big Three” automakers to improve the fuel efficiency of their cars and trucks.

DETROIT, Michigan – June 12, 2002 [] Executive Director Carl Pope will announce the campaign to pressure Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler-Daimler to give American consumers the choice to buy more fuel efficient vehicles. The event will showcase existing technologies which allow cars to get more miles to the gallon and could be made widely available almost immediately. The event will also feature just-completed public opinion research. The Sierra Club is demanding Detroit improve the fuel efficiency of its cars, SUVs and pickup trucks to cut our dependence on foreign oil, save money at the pump and create a cleaner environment. A press conference with Pope, Dan Becker, Sierra Club Clean Energy Program Director and Chuck Frank, President, “Z” Frank Chevrolet, World’s Largest Chevrolet Dealer will be held Wednesday in Detroit.


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