Sharp’s LCD Plants Use Renewable Energy

The energy supply for Sharp Corporation’s LCD manufacturing plant now integrates a 5.2-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic (PV) power system, a 1 MW fuel-cell system and a 26.4 MW cogeneration system.

The newly developed PV system uses see-through thin-film solar cells installed on the curtain walls. Because the heat from solar radiation is moderated by the slight shading effect provided by these cells, the electric power load from air-conditioning can be reduced. These cells have a structure in which a crystalline thin-film silicon solar cell is stacked on top of an amorphous silicon solar cell on the same glass substrate. The 26.4 MW cogeneration system generates 12 MW for one plant, and 14 MW for the other using liquefied natural gas. The waste heat generated in the process is a source of energy to power the heating and air conditioning system as well as to supply hot water. Plus, all wastewater from the plants’ manufacturing processes is recycled, purifying and recycling 100% of the manufacturing process wastewater (28,300 tons per day).


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