Sharp Solar Targets Home Building Industry

Manufacturing a product and shipping it out to distributors should only be part of a company’s selling procedure. Sharp Electronics went straight to the builders for the 2005 International Builder’s Show in Orlando, Florida, to market to the people who need to know a product inside and out.

“By offering solar products with industry-leading performance and proprietary design Sharp is committed to help build environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient homes with today’s most advanced solar power technology,” said Ron Kenedi, who is the general manager of the Sharp Electronics Solar Systems Division. “As the industry’s only manufacturer of complete residential solar electric systems, it’s no surprise that Sharp is the solar system featured in a growing number of beautiful, high-tech homes that can generate clean, renewable energy.” The company displayed many of its next-generation solar products including: – Sharp Solar Roof tiles: Designed for new construction or refurbished roofs, the building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules are a new option for residential roofing. Sharp’s Solar Roof tiles lay flat on the rooftop, and interlock with existing roofing material with no additional roof penetration necessary. – Solar-Powered Street Lamp: Sharp’s next-generation Solar-Powered Street Lamp offers optimal brightness, but consumes only 10 W of power. It is a self-contained street lighting alternative that requires no electric construction, wiring or power cables. The Solar-Powered Street Lamp generates its own electrical power, continuing to operate even during power interruptions or failures. – LumiWall Illuminating Solar Panel: Sharp’s LumiWall Illuminating Solar Panel combines thin-film solar modules and LED illumination. Without requiring a power supply, Sharp’s proprietary illuminating solar panel integrates power generation, daylight transmission and self-illumination functions into one single module. During the day, solar cells generate power and batteries store electricity while natural sunlight is allowed to pass through. At night, LEDs embedded in the same panel provide illumination, which, when used in combination with sensor light, make it useful as a crime-prevention light.


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