Sharp Solar Energy Systems Installed on New Homes in Florida

Designed to augment the power supplied to each home from the grid, 89 single-family and estate homes in a new community north of Naples, Florida, will receive solar energy systems from Sharp.

Centex Homes is providing the 2.1-kilowatt Sharp solar systems to help owners in The Quarry control their monthly utility costs, particularly during times of peak energy consumption. Each system will also have eight garage-housed 100-amp-hour batteries that will power critical loads like a refrigerator, microwave and a few outlets in case of a power failure.

“Centex is committed to balancing land conservation with responsible development, and The Quarry is being built on that principal,” said Tim Ruemler, President of Centex Homes of Southwest Florida. “We are proud to take the lead in building homes equipped with solar power and encourage other developers to follow suit in bringing the long term benefits of solar to homeowners. We each need to do our part in supporting renewable energy.”

“Centex’s primary reason for choosing solar energy was to build a development that operates in harmony with the natural habitat, but homeowners will also enjoy the long-term benefit of lower electricity costs,” said Ron Kenedi, vice president, Solar Energy Solutions Group, Sharp Electronics Corporation.

Sharp’s Solar Energy Solutions Group is a unit of Sharp Electronics Corporation, the U.S. subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, Osaka, Japan. Sharp also is the U.S. market leader and maintains solar panel assembly operations at its manufacturing facility in Memphis, Tennessee.

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