Sharp Donates Solar Systems to New Orleans Community

In conjunction with its annual customer conference, Sharp is bringing the power of solar energy to New Orleans by donating solar systems to members of the New Orleans community.

Sharp worked with several local organizations and businesses, including the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association, The Alliance for Affordable Energy, Williams Architects and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, to select 10 deserving local residents who will have a donated solar system installed on their houses. The solar systems, which will be installed on February 28 and March 1 by authorized dealers, will supply these homes with a lifetime of free, clean energy. Ron Kenedi, Vice President of Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group, will be on hand on March 3 in New Orleans at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to honor Sharp’s donation. New Orleans stands to benefit from energy-producing housing that could save thousands of dollars on operating costs for financially strapped homeowners, jump-start a new industry, build a much needed renewable energy infrastructure and reduce the emissions that cause global warming.
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