Self-Contained Solar-Powered Lighting

SolarOne Solutions offers LED-based outdoor lights powered by solar panels. Applications for SolarOne’s SOLED series include parks, pathways, sidewalks, and bus shelters, as well as special outdoor environments that require custom- designed systems. Products in the SOLED series, which provide white light, can be adjusted according to their placement. The wireless, solid-state, solar lighting incorporates a patent- pending intelligent management system and includes a 106 to 232 amp-hour sealed battery; high-lumen white LED lamps with 50,000-hour lamp life; and 10 preset field-programmable lighting profiles.

SOLED Lights SolarOne Solutions announces the first of several outdoor lights for neighborhoods, campuses and parks. The company’s new line of SOLED lights get their power from an array of solar cells and produce their light from an array of white LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). During this time of rising energy prices as well as heightened awareness of security and concerns with the electric grid, SolarOne’s new lights offer safety and security for pedestrians; a grid and fuel independent light source that stays on during power outages and emergencies; low voltage (no shock hazard); vandal-resistant, fault tolerant assembly and components; 100,000 hour solid-state lamp reliability; compliance with “Dark Sky” mandates; no trenching or electrical hook-ups; and up to 30% lower installation and life cycle costs. SolarOne’s first new “neighborhood” light (L002) is an attractive, extremely versatile unit designed to keep pathways, driveways, and sidewalks lit without “spillover” of excess light. The solar panel and light employ patent-pending features, developed under the company’s Harvester(TM) design program, to swivel independently to optimize both battery charging and light coverage. The company has lights already operating in the Northeast and Southwest of the U.S. SolarOne’s lights can be pre-programmed to dim for certain periods of time. This saves energy, thereby reducing the size of the solar panel and battery and increasing the market for solar lighting. “While there seems to be growing hype around white LED lighting, relatively few companies actually have solar powered LED lights of this nature operating in the field. SolarOne is one of those companies,” says SolarOne’s President, Moneer H. Azzam. “You can expect to hear further announcements regarding new projects and products in the very near future,” he adds. In addition, the company has complemented the new lighting system deployments with their recently announced Harvest-Store data loggers. Data from the loggers has been used to verify and fine- tune operation of the lights. “The loggers have proven to be very useful tools in helping customers overcome that fear of an unknown product and technology,” says Azzam. The company will be offering free rental of the Harvest-Store loggers for early customers of the lights. For additional information, contact SolarOne(TM) at or call toll Free 877-527-6461. About SolarOne SolarOne(TM) provides products and systems that deliver small-scale utility services, such as electric power, lighting and pure water without the need for fossil fuels or to connect to an electric grid. In addition to its line of PV powered products, the company offers custom design and product development support services. For further information on SolarOne(TM) visit, e-mail at or call Toll Free 877-527-6461.


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