Second Wind Introduces Sonic Wind Profiler

Second Wind Inc. announces the release the Triton sonic wind profiler, a wind resource assessment device designed to address the common challenges that have limited the use of sodar. Sodar stands for sound detection and ranging, and is similar to the sonar technology used by submarines and ships. Sodar sends an audible “chirp” up through the air, and wind turbulence sends a portion of the sound back toward the ground. By precisely measuring the frequency and time delay of the chirp’s echo, the sodar device measures the wind speed and direction at various heights. Current sodar products have multiple limitations for wind profiling. They require on-site support to operate, and deliver wind data in formats that require expert interpretation. Readings must be carefully analyzed to filter out “side lobes,” or sound artifacts from nearby trees and buildings that can produce inaccurate results. Most current sodar products also must be covered in rain or snow to avoid damage to the sensitive microphones and speakers. The Triton captures accurate wind data at a height up to 200 meters, in any weather, at any location, without being attended. Readings are delivered via satellite and look like anemometry results, with no expert analysis required to understand the data.

For more information and product specifications, see the data sheet linked below.
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