Saving the Planet with Green Gadgets

If you’ve been following the environmental news you’ll know that “going green” has become a marketing angle. Companies in just about every niche are finding ways of promoting themselves as a greener alternative; from the ability to build a photography website or change your tires, just about anything you can image can be done green.  We present just a few of the more interesting solar powered green products. 

1 – Solar-Powered Robotic Lawn Mower: Billed as the “world’s first hybrid electric/solar lawn mower,” the Automower Solar Hybrid will mow your yard for nearly an hour before automatically heading back to its charging station to reload on juice. The mower and charging station both operate on solar power, letting you relax while the sun does all the work.

2 – Solar Tent: The solar-powered tent has interior LEDs and an exterior solar panel, letting you harness the sun’s power. Four to six hours of direct sunlight yields two to four hours of interior lighting and power.

3 – Solar Grill: With the efficiency of a solar grill, the Helios grill uses a reflective dish to direct sunlight at a solar receptor which turns it into energy. The energy transfers to the grilling surface from a coil that is heated by the dish.

4 – Solar-Powered Holiday Lights: Many manufacturers have begun making solar-powered Christmas and Holiday lights. They come in all styles and lengths, and all will feature LED bulbs. The solar panel is included, so you just place it in direct sunlight during the day and illuminate with the Holiday spirit at night.

5 – Water-Saving Nozzle: It’s called the Water Watch Spray Nozzle and is ideal for those who frequent their garden and wish to monitor their water usage. It has all the adjustment settings you would expect from any other nozzle, but also has a built-in water meter to help you avoid wasting water.

6 – Aqua Alarm Clock: Water-powered alarm clocks offer a constant energy source via an electrochemical reaction between the water and electrodes. It not only gives the time but provides the current temperature as well. How much maintenance is involved? Fill it with water every 90 days; that’s it!

7 – Eco-Speakers: If you love the environment (and your music), then this is the ideal item for you. Made from recycled materials, it doesn’t even need batteries. Just power it through your favorite audio system.

8 – Solar-Powered Cell Phone: The Motorola Renew W233 is eco-friendly in every way. It is made out of 100% recycled plastic and arrives with a prepaid mailer so you can recycle it when it’s no longer of use to you.

9 – Solar-Powered Gaming System: Wii has created a solar-powered version of their popular gaming system. Your kids will now be encouraged to go outside more often and play in the sunshine. The whole package will run you about $1,400, so a second job may be in order to pay for it.

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