SANYO Opens Solar Ark and Solar Lab

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. celebrated the grand opening of the large scale solar power generating system the Solar Ark, at the company’s Gifu plant. In addition to the start-up of the Solar Ark’s full-scale power generation the “Solar Lab” located in the central portion of the Solar Ark was opened for visitors.

TOKYO, Japan 2002-04-05 [] The Solar Ark is a monument to solar power generation-the largest of its kind in the world-built in the image of an Ark embarking into the 21st century. The SANYO Electric group together with widely proclaiming to the world the importance of clean energy through the Solar Ark, will contribute the equivalent funds created by the power generated from the Solar Ark to the “SANYO Eco-Pension Foundation” established April 1, 2002. Using these funds will move forward with activities to preserve the environment. With the “Solar Lab” SANYO will work to increase awareness of environmental issues and solar power generation through the development of various activities aiming for the realization of a clean energy society. Located underneath the center portion of the Solar Ark, the Solar Lab measures a total length of 54 meters, with a width of 9.3 meters. The Solar Lab will provide a place to increase children’s interest in the environment using exhibitions that allow first hand use and participation cultivating interest helping to develop “scientific and environmental minds” while enjoying learning about solar energy generation and solar batteries. The Solar Lab will not be a one-way pipeline of information but a forum in which visitors to the Solar Lab can have a open forum for the exchange of ideas and discoveries regarding the connection between Solar power, environmental issues, solar generation and humankind. Admission to the Solar Lab is free.
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