S.U.N. Equinox Heating System Launched

Solar Usage Now LLC has introduced the S.U.N. Equinox Heating System. This technology is new to the U.S. marketplace but has been a staple in the European and Australian markets for years, with over a hundred thousand installs worldwide, according to the company.

Solar Usage Now has teamed with Rotex Australia and the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), a research and development organization headquartered in Chicago, to introduce this technology into the U.S. marketplace.  The S.U.N. Equinox Heating System is a thermal storage tank and instantaneous water heater that is able to provide 100% of domestic hot water and space heating needs. 

The company says that the structure of the S.U.N. Equinox insures optimum inherent water hygienic properties, virtually eliminating legionella bacteria. A “plug and play” system, it measures 60” tall by 24” square and weighs 121 pounds. The system is solar ready and has both residential and commercial applications.

The S.U.N. Equinox Heating System utilizes the Rotex atmospheric tank.  The system is capable of producing up to 18 gallons per minute of hot hygienic water with a heat loss of less than 3? per day, says the company.  Commercial models can be assembled to handle large heat loads for hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, schools and factories.

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