Ring Die Biomass Briquetting Machine

Ring Die Biomass Briquetting Machine-New Hope for A Green World
The demand of finished product biomass briquettes is increasing day by day. It is available in various type of raw material easily in bulk. It is promoting to the industries as a prime renewable energy project throughout the world. Waste materials for making briquettes are not useless, as most people believe them to be. Although they are the left-over pieces from industrial processes and natural waste, they can be used for many different uses. And though most people wouldn’t think it, these are the key to creating a better world and a better future. The process of “BRIQUETTING” is the physical transformation of the loose raw material into a compact form. The form change results in a much higher specific density of the material, which increases its combustion efficiency as compared to the loose material. Dedicated to biomass green energy researching and equipment designing, our self-researched ring die biomass briquette machine have brought hope to a safe living environment.

Ring Die Briquette Press Features
Briquetting machine is to renew or recycle all types of agricultural, forestry and industrial waste into energy or predictable fuel. Briquettes are produced in cylindrical logs via high motorized pressure without the use of chemical or binder. Agricultural or farming waste is renewed to hard bio-fuel (bio-coal) with installing our briquetting plant. It is mechanical press with two flywheels.
1. This briquetting machine is of reasonable design & reliable performance.
2. Equipped with lubricative system, high efficiency and energy saving.
3. Specially designed ring die is suitable for nearly all kinds of agro-stalks. The material size is 3-30mm and moisture content is 16 %-30 %.
4. 2-3 operators is enough. You can adjust the briquettes density among 0.8-1.2t/? at any time.
5. Automatic heating device which can regulate material temperature and solve the problem of material stuffing and poor quality forming.

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Let me know that you have agro wastes in your local area and your determination to do something with it. Then we will return you with creative solutions that might work for you and match with your budget. Vision & MissionOur mission is to achieve global leadership in providing professional solutions to our clients in utilizing biomass waste and convert it into valuable fuel, by combining technology expertise, domain skills, process focus and a commitment to long term client relationships.To widen and maintain customer base through technical innovation and superior services.To expand distributors and make it more convenient to serve customers.

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