Ring Around the Statehouse, a City Full of Hybrids

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] The Maryland House of Delegates will hear testimony on the Cleaner Cars Bill in March, and activists from the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) have organized a hybrid vehicle parade to ensure that the delegates know what benefits hybrids have to offer. Hybrid owners are encouraged to join CCAN on Saturday, Feb. 26, as the network hopes to rally more than 100 fully decorated hybrid cars and SUVs from all over the region. The parade will converge on Annapolis to show support for the Maryland Clean Cars Bill, which would require Maryland to follow the Lower Emission Vehicle-II standards set by California and several other states. The vehicles will drive circles around the Maryland Statehouse and the Governor’s mansion, then drivers will meet on foot for a rally to promote the bill. Caravans will converge in Annapolis at the Navy football stadium parking lot for the final parade through the capital at noon. The post-parade rally will feature elected officials, health experts, and environmental leaders. For more information on the rally, visit the link below.


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