RFP Extension for Renewable Energy Projects

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) has extended the date for submissions of applications under a Request for Proposals (RFP) for its “Project 100” Program. Anyone interested in participating in the first round of “Project 100” will now have until August 1, 2005 to submit an application. “Project 100” is a CCEF initiative in response to Connecticut legislation that mandates the utility companies Connecticut Light & Power, and United Illuminating to contract a minimum of 100 MW of clean energy resources by July 1, 2007, and enter into power purchase agreements for no less than a 10-year period from Class I renewable energy resources. Pricing under these contracts will include a premium of up to 5.5 cents per kilowatt above the wholesale electricity prices at the time of contract execution. Those interested in receiving the RFP should visit the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund’s website (see link below) or call the Fund at (860) 563-0015 to request a copy. This extension will also allow previous applicants to update and re-submit their applications as well. The revised RFP document can be found on CCEF’s web site or by calling the Fund for a copy.
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