Retail Filling Station in Singapore Adds Hydrogen

Hydrogen fueling stations don’t normally mix with retail gasoline, but the U.S. based company Air Products put a hydrogen fuel pump at a BP filling station in Singapore.

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania – July 21, 2004 [] The pump is an integrated vehicle fueling system that provides storage and fuel dispensing, and can provide up to 70 kg of fuel a day. In an effort to meet vehicle fleet fueling requirements for DaimlerChrysler, which will be the primary customer for hydrogen, the pump offers fuel that is either generated on-site or through a distributed fuel supply. This station could make BP the first energy company to provide the hydrogen fuel at an existing retail site alongside conventional fuels, according to Air Products. “Hydrogen as an energy carrier will gain a greater public understanding through this project,” said Mark McCann, who is the sales director for Air Products in Singapore. “BP and the Singapore government are to be applauded for their efforts in establishing this site.”
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