Resource advantage may promote PV industry to seek new development in Australia

Australian PV inverter market has innate advantages in resources, a favorable policy environment and leading R & D capabilities, which may become the new  positions of the overseas investment of Chinese PV companies.


China, the global PV production base, suffered the traditional EU and US markets demand decline and the anti-dumping trade war outside. Also, there is the practical pressure of grid difficulty and high cost inside. Therefore, the Chinese PV industry has been experiencing a period from full swing to a cold winter. However, the blooming development of Chinese PV industry, the overcapacity problem is increasingly prominent. How to guide the overcapacity to the emerging markets has attracted the attention of the whole photovoltaic industry.


Although the Australian government plans to vigorously develop the solar PV industry and gives the supporting policy including the photovoltaic R & D institutions financial subsidies, the Australian PV industry has a blank space. As the Australian PV inverter manufacturer is very few, there is no competition with the local companies, which means that it won’t cause anti-dumping trade friction. Meanwhile, Australia has world leading R&D technology and institution in the PV field and the Chinese companies can cooperate with them.


The grid difficulty also exists in Australia. For a long time, the grid difficulty is the concern bandaging the investment for the PV industry. Therefore, as one of the way to solve the grid difficulty, off-grid power inverter has been paid great attention.


Off-grid power is a good way to bypass the grid difficulty and give full play to the photovoltaic advantage. PV power has the unique advantages in terms of movable and independence compared with traditional energy power. Meanwhile, limited by the sparsely populated geographic conditions in Australia, off-grid power will be the best investment choice.

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