Residential Solar in San Diego? Just How Worthwhile Is It?

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


The value homeowners realize from having solar panels installed varies across the U.S. This value is often measured as a solar payback or investment return. The solar payback period refers to the length of time over which the electricity savings from a solar system pays for the cost of installing it. The shorter the payback period the better and the shorter the payback period the better the percentage investment return.

So what is the typical solar payback period for residential solar installations in San Diego?

To determine a typical payback period and investment return for a residential solar installation in San Diego we need to look at both the “costs of installing solar panels in San Diego” and also the revenue earned by a solar system installed here. The costs are typically easy to determine when you are getting a solar company to do your installation because they usually quote one all up fee that includes the cost of solar panels, all approvals, permits and inspections for the authority of jurisdiction and SDG&E.


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