Residential 44.5 kW Solar Array Completed

What developers are calling the largest rooftop residential solar electric power system in the United States is now soaking up the sun’s rays and providing power to both the residence and the local electrical grid. The 44.5 kW grid tied system, installed by Irvine-based GenSelf Corporation, provides approximately 90 percent of the electricity for a large home in Southern California. The electrical loads include air conditioning units, water pumps, and outdoor lighting for the expansive compound. The system consists of 270 Sharp 165-watt modules and 15 SMA 2500 “Sunny Boy” inverters obtained from SunWize Technologies.

Irvine, California – August 20, 2003 [] The homeowner purchased the system to dramatically reduce the almost US$20,000 annual electricity bill and contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The system will reduce CO2 emissions by 95,000 lbs per year (equivalent to almost 13 acres of trees) and provide an estimated annual savings of over $17,500 at current utility rates. The system has a projected lifetime savings of $698,052. This grid tied system is eligible for the Southern California Edison Self-Generation Incentive Program as well as State tax incentives, reducing the installed cost by approximately 56 percent. “GenSelf and SunWize worked together to design a system that would be economically feasible and qualify for the utility rebate program,” stated Gordon Bloom, project manager for GenSelf Corporation. “We are very excited about the results. Partnering with Sunwize and Sharp Electronics has helped propel our incredible growth. All three enterprises were instrumental in the procurement and execution of this showcase installation.” Sharp uses a multi-silicon technology to provide high-power modules suitable for residential and commercial grid-tied applications. “Sharp is very pleased to have participated in this precedent-setting, residential installation,” said Ron Kenedi, Sharp Electronics Corporation Solar Systems Division General Manager. “We are committed to helping make solar a viable energy option for an increasing number of Americans both at home and work.” GenSelf’s primary offering is a grid-connected PV solar array which provides significant savings on electric bills. GenSelf is committed to providing on-site power generation solutions to customers seeking cost savings, blackout protection, and independence from utilities, as well as those who appreciate the value of generating clean, renewable electricity.
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