Researcher Lands National Bioenergy Award

Dr. Suresh P. Babu, Assistant Vice President, Research & Deployment, Gas Technology Institute (GTI), has been awarded the David Hall World Prize for Bioenergy, for his long involvement in biomass conversion technologies and for his leadership in the gasification area of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Bioenergy Agreement.

Des Plaines, May 17, 2004 [] Babu was recognized on May 10 during the opening session of the 2nd World Conference and Technology Exhibition on Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate Protection, in Rome, Italy. “I’m extremely honored to receive such a prestigious award,” said Babu. “To those of us in the biomass sector, Professor Hall was a man with innovative vision for bioenergy utilization. GTI has for years believed in the potential of advanced biomass gasification as a conversion technology that will become an important part of the future sustainable energy scenario.” Hall, a former Professor in Kings College, University of London, was considered a leading pioneer in the promotion of bioenergy. He is most recognized for analyzing the potential of biomass for energy and how it could benefit mankind and positively impact the climate. Hall passed away in 1999. During his almost 30 years at GTI, Babu has worked on all aspects of thermal conversion of coal and biomass as well as natural gas utilization, and has particular expertise in high-pressure conversion operations. He managed a team of GTI professionals to develop and demonstrate the high-pressure, RENUGAS biomass gasification process. In recognition of his contributions to advancing the state of the art of biomass gasification, the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) has, since 1989, recommended Dr. Babu as the Task Leader to lead “Thermal Gasification of Biomass,” under the IEA Bioenergy Agreement, which constitutes ten participating Western countries.
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