Report Tells Investors to Watch PV and Hydrogen This Year

A consulting firm in ‘clean energy’ has identified five trends this year, including the hydrogen infrastructure and solar PV.

OAKLAND, California, US, 2002-01-23 [] These are two of the leading clean-technology opportunities for investors, according to ‘Clean-Energy Markets: Five Trends to Watch in 2002′ from the market research firm Clean Edge Inc. It describes a variety of issues that have aligned to offer unique opportunities in the clean energy sector, including security issues, energy uncertainty, the need for power reliability, technological advances, environmental issues, the rise of the developing world, and investment commitments by government, corporations and venture capitalists. The report says the trends to watch in the near- to mid-term are: – Bringing Solar to Scale: the mass commercialization and build-up of large-scale solar cell manufacturing that will result in significant economies of scale; – The Hydrogen Infrastructure: the assemblage of products, services and systems to enable the manufacture, storage and transportation of hydrogen for use in stationary and portable fuel cells; – The Energy Web: the emerging marriage of energy, telecom and software sectors that is creating a new breed of ‘smart’ appliances, buildings, and vehicles; – The Microtisation of Fuel Cells: the application of micro fuel cells for use in a range of portable electronic devices such as phones, personal digital assistants and laptop computers; – Carbon Nanotubes: tiny fabricated tube-shaped molecules that are optimal for hydrogen storage and which are close to commercial viability. The trends offer a snapshot of emerging developments which the report authors believe provide investors, industry and policy-makers with unique opportunities.
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