REPORT: Energy Efficiency Good for Canada

The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) has released a paper supporting investments in energy efficiency as a way of mitigating climate change.

Toronto, Ontario – November 20, 2002 [] The paper, “The Benefits of Energy Efficiency Investment: Creating Jobs and Supporting the Economy While Addressing Climate Change,” highlights the many positive benefits of undertaking energy efficiency improvements and establishes the connections between increased economic activity, improved environmental performance and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The CEEA undertook a broad study of research as part of the background for the paper and concludes that addressing the climate change challenge can be done in a cost effective manner using technologies that are currently available. The group argues that investments in energy efficiency are the right thing to do, regardless of the climate change debate. According to Michael Singleton, principal author of the report, “even without the climate change debate, the reality is that the future will be a carbon-constrained one. As such, we need to start accelerating our investments in technology and infrastructure that will decrease our dependence on carbon based fuels”. “This paper underscores something we have been saying for a number of years – that cost-effective energy efficiency investment is the right thing to do for the environment and for the economy,” said Peter Love, executive director of the CEEA. “Canadians should be focusing on all the positive aspects associated with energy efficiency investments. The opportunity for Canada is significant.” The paper shows that energy efficiency is one of the best ways for Canada to address climate change. The associated benefits include: increased competitiveness, job creation, reduced energy costs for customers, reduced emissions, greater efficiency of supply systems, and greater energy security.
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