Report Considers RE Market Boundaries

Berkeley Lab and NYSERDA have released a new report: “Transacting Generation Attributes Across Market Boundaries: Compatible Information Systems and the Treatment of Imports and Exports.”

Berkeley, California – November 12, 2002 [] The report explores the tricky issue of selling Renewable Energy attributes (tradable renewable certificates or renewable electricity) across market boundaries, such as from New York to New England. These issues are pertinent to renewables portfolio standards, fuel source disclosure requirements, emissions performance standards, and voluntary green power markets. Accounting for such cross-border transactions is important in both determining the eligibility of “out-of-market” generators for different policy mandates, and in the technical task of credibly accounting and verifying such transactions. Authored by Robert Grace and Ryan Wiser, the report’s principal audiences include regulators and market participants in regions that are struggling with the eligibility of out-of-market generation, and those tasked with verifying renewable energy transactions. The report identifies several distinct approaches that might be used to verify cross-border renewable transactions, and assesses the suitability of these approaches in different circumstances. We also discuss issues of verification system “compatibility” between regions. This is a technical report dealing with a complex subject, yet the importance of addressing cross-border Renewable Energy sales cannot be underestimated. A lack of clarity as to what generation is eligible for a state’s RPS, for example, can paralyze investment in renewable energy. The development of rules for cross-border transactions will also minimize the potential for “double counting” of renewable energy attributes, will help define where and at what cost renewable plants are built, and will directly impact the location of the benefits that Renewable Energy provides.


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