Renewables Spur UK Transmission Overhaul

June 7, 2004 []ScottishPower announced a &pound400 million (US$ 735 million) plan to upgrade high-voltage transmission lines as part of the government’s initiative to rewire the UK for renewable energy. ScottishPower said the new lines will bring the biggest improvement to the electricity grid in more than 40 years and are essential if Scotland is to realize its potential in the production of renewable energy. The plan forms part of proposals outlined in the Renewable Energy Transmission Study (RETS) which ScottishPower, Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) and National Grid Company undertook on behalf of the DTI. RETS will increase the capability of the UK network to accommodate renewable generation in two 2,000 MW stages delivering 4,000 MW, equivalent to the demand of Central Scotland. It will allow the output of renewable generation to be distributed throughout the UK and improve the reliability and security of supply in Scotland, said ScottishPower.
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