Renewables Lab Hosts Meeting on Misconduct Policy

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory will host one of four sessions to be held across the United States to discuss the new federal policy for research integrity and the handling of federal research misconduct.

DENVER, Colorado, US, 2001-06-12 [] The U.S. Department of Energy is holding a series of public meetings to explain the new policy and to obtain feedback from scientists who are funded under various DOE programs, as well as other concerned parties. The NREL facility in Denver will host one of the sessions to develop a rulemaking that will implement the new policy. The Denver session will be held on June 14. The Federal Research Integrity and Misconduct Policy was developed through a process involving all federal agencies with research missions, with input from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. The interagency process resulted in publication of the final Federal Research Misconduct Policy last December. “Advances in science, engineering, and all fields of research depend on the reliability of the research record,” says the policy. “Sustained public trust in the research enterprise also requires confidence in the research record and in the processes involved in its ongoing development.” The policy applies to federally-funded research at all institutions, including universities and industry. The policy establishes the scope of the federal government’s interest in the accuracy and reliability of the research record and the processes involved in its development. It consists of a definition of research misconduct and basic guidelines for the response of Federal agencies and research institutions to allegations of research misconduct. Federal agencies have one year to implement the policy. In addition to the public meeting in Denver, DOE will accept written comments and questions that are received by June 20.
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