’s Most-read Articles of 2014

At the close of each year, we like to take a look back to see which stories made an impact on our readers. This year’s most read articles show the many twists and turns that the industry took this year and reveal interesting trends for us as editors and for other industry insiders.

We look forward to continuing to bring you news from all across the renewable energy industry in 2015, and stay tuned for our annual outlook stories in January.

Click through the pages and take a look at our most popular articles of 2014. We encourage you to share your thoughts on this list in the comments below.


This article takes us through the process of how wind turbine blades are constructed — a surprisingly hands-on process — with dozens of photos from the PowerBlades facility in Ontario, Canada. 


Making the Blade Photoessay: How and Where Wind Turbines Get Their Swoosh

By: Joan Sullivan, Contributor
Published: October 28, 2014

An industrial wind turbine is a complex machine made up of hundreds of moving parts, but it takes just three of them to make the magic possible: the blades.


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