Renewable Portfolio Standards Benefit Labor

With support from the Energy Foundation, the Renewable Energy Policy Project is beginning work with the United Steelworkers of America, District 11 (USWA) on a manual exploring how Renewable Portfolio Standards can shape and deliver important economic benefits to organized labor and working families in general.

Washington, D.C. – March 28, 2003 [] The aim is to produce a manual for a labor audience new to energy and environmental policy matters, and additionally useful to all parties involved with the development of RPS proposals. Renewable Portfolio Standards continue their progress through state legislatures, and some advocates express cautious hope that an effective federal bill will be passed. The increasing acceptance of Renewable Energy development owes a lot to the solid body of analytical work demonstrating the economic development potential of Renewable Energy. A large part of the motivation for creating this manual is the recognition that analytic demonstrations of potential for jobs do not alone translate into increased support for an RPS, and it will not translate into jobs if and when an RPS is passed. The manual will assist labor and renewable advocates toward identifying policies and incentives that capture RPS benefits. The manual will introduce labor audiences to RPS proposal details by reviewing California, Nevada, Washington and Colorado for important lessons learned.
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