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He represents all deities; he is brilliant and world-sustaining. He is the nourishing force for all worlds


Today we can say that mankind has arrived from where it started; it has completed its full circle. We had started in the lap of mother nature, grew up, and without even thinking started exploiting it, It’s like sending your parents to old age home and live on their reserves, but guess what there is no old age home for nature and the reserves are not forever, but we do have a silver lining, just as our parents would do, mother nature has already made arrangements for not just our future but for that of our kids too.

Yes I am referring to the never ending supply of energy, THE energy that we can use and reuse to whatever extent we want without any harmful by products and still have more than we would ever need, we may call it the miracle of nature that we have hydro, wind, biomass and above all solar energy at our disposal.

Among all forms of renewable energy solar energy has proven itself to be most practical and in long run cost effective. It is available even at the remotest possible location, requires minimal infrastructure as compared to any other energy source, can be set up at a very short lead time, needs very low maintenance, very much negligible running costs, can be expanded at any point of time without any changes in existing setup, practically zero wear and tear as there are no moving parts involved. One and the only hurdle it faces is that of initial investment, here to we see that cost of PV has come down considerably in recent years due to continuous advancements and economics of scale, also research is already in place for making more efficient photovoltaic panels which can produce electricity from a much wider spectrum of light, I reckon similar efforts are on for power storage system also. As per technology advancement association IEEE, solar cells will cost less than fossil fuel within next ten years.


Recently NEDA commissioned a pilot project near Firozabad that will provide electricity to about 200 homes at a nominal rate of Rs150/pm, he expressed his desire to promote similar projects through the state based on the feedback of this one, I brought this up because UPNEDA has been one of the most active nodal agency in the country and in times to come it surely will set an example of poverty alleviation through alternate energy, further  UP has been a front runner in solar microfinance last year NABARD had received proposals worth 12cr. from RRBs, far ahead than any other state. Last year MNRE funded Regional Rural Banks to set up solar systems at branches, this is a very commendable effort and will inspire people towards adopting renewable energy, also it will provide solution to the power shortage faced by banks not just in remote areas but in cities too.

Potential as one would expect is immense, Ambedkar villages are also being installed with solar street, solar power plants as I mentioned above are being planned. Railways due to its sheer size can be the single largest entity for promoting solar, already it is putting up solar plant for platforms and crossing in deep remote areas. Post-offices and ATMs can be the next best thing with the penetration of banks increasing manifolds, power shortage can be a big hurdle, but it can be successfully countered with solar power. Bihar, another upcoming market for solar based applications has introduced novel concepts one such being solar charging stations for mobile phones, people have to go to the cities especially for charging their cell phones as there is no electricity in villages, the concept can easily be extended to charging lanterns and solar torches, another concept is that of solar water purifier, by which one can get drinking water from hand pump.

As of today, entire India looks up to one man when it comes to healthy living, BABA RAMDEV, I’d like to suggest MNRE to rope in Baba Ramdev in its efforts to promote renewable energy, and appoint him as their brand ambassador for the cause, each of his “Yog Shivir” can be used as a platform to showcase solar products, it is bound to generate very good TRPs.

I’d also like to suggest Solar energy should not be promoted as a government help, but as a necessity, we can take example of so many things such as televisions, cars, mobile phones………… government has never given any subsidy on purchase of either of these, it was through public awareness that people realized them as need and arranged capital for them. Further in due course of time banks and other financial institutions came up with hire-purchase schemes. As of now people in rural and tribal areas do not realize what difference solar would bring to them, today we know that electricity is more important that TV still the first question asked while presenting HLS is “Will it support TV?” instead of the more pertinent ones like, “How many lights can be added to it.?” Our focus should be more on creating awareness and support infrastructure.



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