Renewable Energy to Produce Hydrogen in Fuel Cell Demo

Solar or wind power will be used to produce hydrogen for a demonstration fuel cell system.

CALGARY, Canada – Proton Energy Systems, Inc. has placed an order with Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. of Calgary to develop a power-conditioning subsystem that would be included in a demonstration of Proton’s UNIGEN(R) regenerative fuel cell energy storage system. The 7.5 kilowatt power-conditioning system will be used by Proton in a renewable energy demonstration that produces hydrogen from water using electricity that is generated from solar or wind power. The hydrogen is stored and can be converted on demand back to electricity using UNIGEN’s fuel cell module. The near term markets for the energy storage includes backup power for telecommunications systems and other critical power applications. Sustainable Energy’s power conditioning sub-systems provide critical interfaces between the renewable power source, the UNIGEN hydrogen generator and fuel cell modules, and the protected power load. “Proton Energy’s UNIGEN regenerative fuel cell system is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the competitive advantages of our technology, particularly our ability to efficiently integrate power from multiple energy sources,” says Michael Carten, President & CEO of Sustainable Energy. Proton designs and manufactures Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrochemical products that are used to generate hydrogen and in regenerative fuel cell systems that function as power generating and energy storage devices. The company’s HOGEN(R) and FuelGen(TM) hydrogen generators produce hydrogen from electricity and water in a clean process using proprietary PEM technology. Proton is currently delivering advanced models of its HOGEN hydrogen generators to customers for use in commercial applications, and is developing FuelGen hydrogen fueling systems for transportation applications. Its UNIGEN regenerative fuel cell systems will combine the hydrogen generation technology with a fuel cell power generator to create an energy device that can produce and store hydrogen fuel for later use as a generator of electricity. Sustainable Energy Technologies develops and markets power conditioning products for distributed generation markets around the world. Such technologies improve power quality and reduce electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions through increased operating efficiencies in solar power and fuel cell applications.


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