Renewable Energy Supplier Receives License to Market in Connecticut

A supplier of electricity that is generated from renewable energy facilities will start to market green power in Connecticut.

HARTFORD, Connecticut – Green Mountain Energy Company says the Connecticut Public Utility Commission has approved its license to become a competitive electricity supplier in that state, and it plans to begin selling Green Mountain Energy(SM) to customers in January. “We are looking forward to doing business in Connecticut in the coming weeks,” says the company’s CEO, Dennis Kelly. “Our purpose is to offer people the opportunity to support cleaner air by purchasing power made from cleaner and renewable sources.” “We believe that the people of Connecticut are concerned about the quality of the air in their state,” he adds. “As more people understand that making electricity causes more air pollution than any other industry, they will look for a simple way to purchase electricity that includes clean renewable sources like wind and hydropower.” Green Mountain Energy currently sells renewable energy in California and Pennsylvania. As part of its goal to increase the demand for green power, the company has developed a number of projects, including five facilities which represent what officials call “vital steps” to begin to reduce air pollution caused by electricity generation. In 1999, it commissioned a 43 kilowatt solar power plant in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania that is the largest solar generation facility in the state. It also started three 700 kW wind turbines in California’s San Gorgonio Pass and a 106 kW solar power plant in Hopland, California. This year, it opened the 10.4 megawatt Green Mountain Wind Farm in Garrett, Pennsylvania, which is one of the largest wind farms on the east coast of the United States. Earlier this month, it commissioned the 100 kW Green Mountain Solar at Berkeley facility that is owned and operated by GPU Solar, which is the largest solar array in the San Francisco Bay area. Green Mountain Energy is based in Austin, Texas.


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