Renewable Energy Key to State Partnership

October 7, 2003 [] Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski joined Governors Gary Locke of Washington and Gray Davis of California in a coordinated strategy to reduce global warming. Due to the effects of climate change, the governors concluded that states must act individually and interactively to protect their residents and economies. Among some of the actions that will be investigated are: Use the states’ combined purchasing power to obtain fuel-efficient vehicles and low-rolling resistance tires. For example, the states are working on a uniform specification for the purchase of hybrid vehicles. The states will aim to develop uniform efficiency standards with the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, they will work together to deal with federal limitations on upgrades of appliance efficiency standards, which may include waivers from those limitations. They will also remove barriers to and encourage the development of renewable electricity generation resources and technologies California already has an ambitious renewable energy portfolio in state.
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