Renewable Certificate Bulletin Board Launched

Evolution Markets LLC has launched an Internet-based bulletin board to serve the national market for tradable renewable certificates (TRCs). The TRC Bulletin Board will assist in price discovery by providing a venue for wholesale buyers and sellers to post bids and offers for Renewable Energy attributes and green power. Evolution Markets’ bulletin board is currently the only one of its kind serving the growing market for TRCs.

White Plains, New York – May 15, 2003 [] The TRC Bulletin Board was developed to improve price transparency and liquidity in the nationwide market for wholesale TRCs. Although the primary target of the bulletin board is the voluntary market, bids and offers can also be posted for certificates eligible under state-level compliance programs for states such as Texas, Massachusetts and New Jersey that have instituted renewable portfolio standards. In addition, some of the TRCs listed on the TRC Bulletin Board may be eligible for inclusion in Green-e certified TRC products and/or Green-e certified electricity products. Evolution Markets recently became the first approved broker of Green-e certified TRC products. “The TRC Bulletin Board is a central element in our drive to assist in the development of an efficient national wholesale market for renewable certificates,” said Peter Zaborowsky, managing director of Evolution Markets. “There is a real need for price discovery in the voluntary sector of the renewables market, and we now provide it. Our objective is to empower renewable generators by giving them access to the nationwide market, and to engage voluntary buyers – such as green energy retailers, energy managers of national corporations, and real estate property managers – by offering a wide range of supply.” Market participants can register on the company’s Web site for free and review posted bids and offers for TRCs and ‘green’ power. Information on listed TRCs includes the category of product, region, state, generation source, quantity (MWh), vintage, and price. Users have the ability to sort and filter postings based on their preferred criteria. Parties wishing to post bids and offers for TRCs and green power may do so by contacting Evolution Markets Renewable Energy Brokerage Desk. The prices listed are indicative, and counterparties wishing to transact must contact the Renewable Energy Brokerage Desk and complete transactions via verbal confirmation with Evolution Markets’ brokers . In addition to the TRC Bulletin Board, Evolution Markets’ services for the wholesale TRC market include the ability to provide Green-e certified TRCs. Eligible generators who transact through Evolution Markets can sell their renewable certificates in the market for Green-e products, thereby enhancing the value of the certificates and expanding the range of buyers available to them. In addition, green marketers and other wholesale buyers of TRCs can benefit from reduced administrative burden and improved supply of Green-e certified TRCs. Some of the TRCs listed on the bulletin board may be eligible for inclusion in Green-e certified products. “Our status as the leading brokers in the compliance markets and as approved brokers of Green-e certified TRC products means we are ideally positioned to facilitate the development of the voluntary trading market,” said Zaborowsky. “Our services provide the low-cost route to market as we ease price discovery, complete due diligence on renewable generating projects, and help with Green-e certification documentation.”
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