Remote Power Device from GreenMountain Engineering

GreenMountain Engineering has completed the design and testing of a remote power device, called “Solar in a Tube,” or SIAT. The device uses a 20 watt roll-out flexible solar panel and a battery storage unit to provide power for aid workers, researchers and travelers in remote locations. The concept for this product was developed through GreenMountain’s involvement with Engineers Without Borders. The SIAT provides two times the energy storage capacity in a 40% smaller package than other similar products. The roll-up design allows for a larger surface area for solar cell charging, and other features include a 12V LED Light, a 120V AC plug and 240 watt-hours of battery storage capacity, enough to run a laptop for over 10 hours. GreenMountain is currently seeking opportunities for further development of the Solar in a Tube. The company is looking for relief organizations with a need for this product or companies interested in licensing opportunities.

For information on licensing opportunities or product purchasing, please contact, or visit the website linked below.


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