ReliOn Fuel Cells Complete UL Certification

ReliOn, provider of high-reliability fuel cell solutions for backup-power applications, has received Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) certification for its T-1000 and T-2000 fuel cell solutions.

The certification was completed under ANSI/CSA FC 1-2004, Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems, the most current and comprehensive standard for certification of stationary fuel cell systems. ReliOn’s fuel cells are the first to receive UL certification under ANSI/CSA FC 1-2004. “UL certification removes some of the barriers to fuel cell deployment which are encountered as local codes and standards are applied in specific regions. Making it easier for our communications customers who are in the process of rolling out fuel cell technology is important to ReliOn,” said Joe Blanchard, ReliOn’s Vice President, Product Line Management. ReliOn’s hydrogen fuel cell products provide highly reliable, low maintenance backup power for customer sites needing between 600 Watts and 12 kilowatts of power. With this certification, ReliOn has completed third-party safety and performance testing and certification for the T-1000 and T-2000 fuel cells. Other completed testing and certification organizations include CSA, CE, NEBS Level 3 and FCC.


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