RE Mash Up: Electric Cars, Energy Storage, Carbon Trading and Entrepreneurship

In this week’s program we feature a series of interviews on a range of topics. We’ll speak with a line-up of experts on how to get America off oil, the game changing ability of storage, upcoming trends in emissions trading, and how budding entrepreneurs are learning the difference between invention and innovation.

David Sandalow, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, talks about his new book titled, “Freedom From Oil: How the Next American President Can End the United States’ Oil Addiction.”

Eric Martinot, senior researcher at the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, talks about the prospects for advanced energy storage options and how they’ll impact renewables.

Patrick McClosky, managing director of Evolution Markets, describes the business of trading carbon credits in the global market and renewable energy certificates in the U.S. market.

And contributor Mark Braly has some interviews from the Green Technology Entrepreneurship Academy organized by the University of California, Davis. He’ll speak with an organizer of the Academy and an up-and-coming entrepreneur who’s trying to turn his idea into a business venture.

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