QUANTUM Achieves Record for Hydrogen Tanks

QUANTUM Technologies Worldwide, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of IMPCO Technologies, Inc., has demonstrated a hydrogen storage tank with a world record 13 percent hydrogen weight efficiency. This breakthrough offers a dramatic weight reduction in hydrogen storage technology and will significantly improve on-board energy storage in aircraft and spacecraft applications where weight is critical. The technology will also be used in the development of lighter, less costly hydrogen storage tanks for fuel cell vehicle applications.

Irvine, California – July 17, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] “QUANTUM continues to benefit from participating in the challenging aerospace market where weight is critical. Although this achievement was developed for an aerospace application, it allows for continuous improvement in hydrogen storage for fuel cell vehicles by providing the efficiency and the range that meets or, better yet, exceeds our customers’ expectations,” said Dr. Neel Sirosh, Director of QUANTUM’s Advanced Fuel Storage Group. QUANTUM anticipates using what it has learned from pushing the technical envelope for aerospace applications and applying the knowledge in its effort to commercialize 5,000 psig (350 bar) and 10,000 psig (700 bar) storage for automotive applications. Although the requirements for automotive applications are much more stringent than those of aerospace applications in terms of durability and damage tolerance, QUANTUM is confident that this achievement will have a direct impact in its ability to surpass the U.S. Department of Energy’s “FreedomCAR” initiative’s objective of 6 percent hydrogen storage by weight in addition to cost and durability targets. This will translate into a lighter, less costly hydrogen fuel storage tank with greater range for QUANTUM’s automotive OEM customers and the ultimate end user-the driver. (Nasdaq: IMCO)
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