Q-Cells and Singulus to Develop Thin-Film Cell Coating

Q-Cells AG and Singulus Technologies AG announced plans to develop a new system for anti-reflection coating of solar cells. The goal of the cooperation is to use the solar experience of Q-Cells with the coating technology of Singulus to develop better quality and cheaper coating specifically for solar cells.

The technology from Singulus, which could increase the energy output of the cells, will be based on a vacuum coating process used in DVD production. Q-Cells will be the first company to employ the new system in both existing and new production lines. This advantage will be used by Q-Cells to develop processes which will advance the initial state of the technology, the company said in a statement.

“This project represents an important milestone in our close cooperation with system manufacturers,” said Dr. Florian Holzapfel, CTO of Q-Cells. ”In making solar power competitive, a significant reduction in production costs is indispensable. This will only succeed if solar cell developers with their process experience work closely together with equipment manufacturers in order to transfer advanced production processes from research and development to production.”

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