PV tender for French Islands carries unique potential for storage solutions

New simulation forecasts a potential of up to 50 MWh for energy storage systems in ongoing tender.

The cost of electricity generation on the French islands without connection to the mainland grid is particularly elevated. This is why solar and wind energy have been extremely successful in recent years. On average, they contribute approximately 25% to the total electricity generation in these locations. In the meantime, their volatility is considered a risk for the stability of the grid as a whole: this has resulted in a 30% cap for renewable energy in these local grids. At the same time, France has adopted a plan for the integration of solar and wind energy on the basis of stationary energy storage systems.

On May 20, 2015 the French energy regulation commission published a tender for 50 MW solar plants with at least 25 MW/25MWh storage for the French island regions – the total storage piece is likely to be larger, for a total market of approximately 100M€. Innovative elements are included in the tender to ensure that these installations meet the requirements of the islands. The different features are very demanding for the tender participants. In the text for invitation to tender a minimum capacity of 0.5 MWh storage per 1 MWp of PV is defined. In addition, the system consisting of PV plant and storage must comply with certain rules. The PV feed-in volumes are matched to the actual loads. The extreme case is that the solar plant has to be able to provide electricity for peak-load situations in the evening. In addition, the tender contains special requirements for the forecast of time slots that are critical for the grid. For this purpose the operators have to cooperate with several local companies and specialized players.

THEnergy offers simulations for the tender, in cooperation with the French company Clean Horizon Consulting. Among other things, the solution computes for different storage technologies, the optimal design of the storage and the corresponding LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) for the PV-storage unit. The simulation addresses project developers, system-integrators and storage manufacturers, who want to participate in the tender. The players gain time, a considerable advantage given the strict time frame of the tender. A solution can be generated within 24-48 hours, which allows the customers to focus on the selection of project partners and specific projects in order to present competitive offers.

“THEnergy offers through the network from its platform ‘Renewables on Islands’ (th-energy.net/islands) additional advantages. We connect project developers, EPCs, and storage and PV manufacturers for the French island tender“, explains Dr. Thomas Hillig, founder of THEnergy.

About Dr. Thomas Hillig Energy Consulting (THEnergy)             

THEnergy assists companies in dealing with energy-related challenges. Renewable energy companies are offered strategy, marketing and sales consulting services. For industrial companies THEnergy develops energy concepts and shows how they can become more sustainable. THEnergy combines experience from conventional and renewable energy with industry knowledge in consulting. In addition to business consulting, THEnergy is active in marketing intelligence and as an information provider in select fields such as renewables and mining through the platform th-energy.net/mining or renewables on islands through the new platform th-energy.net/islands.

For more information visit www.th-energy.net

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Hillig founded THEnergy in 2013. THEnergy is a specialized business consultancy that focuses on innovation in the energy sector, such as microgrids, solar-diesel hybrid, energy storage and hydrogen. THEnergy has developed sophisticated tools to support its clients in product launches and growth strategies. During the last six years, THEnergy has consulted leading multinational utilities, oil and gas companies, and start-ups regarding energy strategy, due diligence, market intelligence, and communication. THEnergy combines Hillig’s previous experiences working at Alstom Power in conventional energy generation and at Innotech Solar. At the beginning of his career, Hillig consulted leading companies from the transport, telecommunication and construction sectors.

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