Purity Tests for Fuel Cell Technology

Alternate Energy Corporation (AEC) announced results of the company’s hydrogen purity testing. The company claims their low-cost hydrogen production system will help enable residential and commercial customers generate their own electricity off-grid at on-grid competitive prices.

Las Vegas, Nevada – September 15, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] According AEC, affordable hydrogen and an affordable fuel cell system are the only necessary components to grid-free power that compares in price and quality to grid power. Just as the cell phone industry has freed residential and business telephone users from copper wires run to their homes, AEC said the company is working to free these same customers from utility power. “The results of the first purity test were most pleasing as only one unacceptable impurity existed at low levels,” said AEC CEO Blaine Froats. “From an analysis of the preliminary results, our engineering staff has concluded that the low-level impurity originated from air contamination through a leakage and not from the process itself.” AEC’s second test was conducted under more controlled conditions, which reduced the impurity by approximately 95 percent. A further impurity reduction of approximately 4 percent is required before AEC can run a fuel cell and proceed with line testing. “We are very confident that only fine adjustments need to be made to eliminate the remaining small percentage of this impurity and are looking forward to the joint testing phase,” said Froats. Last Month the company announced that Astris Energi, a developer of alkaline fuel cell technology, had signed a Letter of Intent with AEC. The proposed joint venture plans to combine these fuel cell and hydrogen technologies to produce and sell complete stationary electric power systems for the vast household and business markets. Tests of AEC’s low-cost hydrogen production process have been on going since last month. The purpose of these tests is to measure the purity of hydrogen that is produced by the AEC process, ensuring that it meets the purity standards required to run the Astris alkaline fuel cell. An independent laboratory is administering all testing to ensure confidentiality and un-biased results.
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